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Jennifer Mcgee

Head of Legal, TrulyWill

Having worked with a number of families to help create their estate plans, Jennifer realized that the traditional estate planning process is overwhelming and expensive for most people.

Which in turn makes most people avoid doing it in the first place leading to terrible outcomes for families.
Her mission today is to make estate planning accessible to everyone by utilizing technology and legal expertise.

Holding a Doctor of Jurisprudence in Law from Florida Coastal School of Law and a Bachelor’s in Labor & Employment Relations from Rutgers University, her expertise lies in Estate Planning, Probate, and Family Law Matters along with Management & Fundraising for Nonprofit organizations.

As a parent to five young children, Jennifer is attuned to the challenges faced by most families when it comes to thinking about and preparing for the future.

Jennifer is also passionate about volunteering with youth organizations. And she currently actively spends time volunteering with Victim’s Advocates in the local sheriff's department.