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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to hire an Estate Planning lawyer to create my last will?
No, you don't have to get a lawyer to create your last will. You can use TrulyWill to create your DIY will and estate plan. It would be much more affordable and accessible for your estate plan.
What is the succession order/next of kin for estate distribution?
The succession order is followed if the person passes away without a last will. It goes as surviving spouse, children, children's descendants, parents, and siblings. This order is followed in most states when a person dies without a will.
Who inherits the estate if there is no will or estate plan in charlotte?
The state's intestacy rules determine who would inherit the estate. It is ultimately the court's decision when a person passes away without a last will.
How much does an estate planning lawyer charge in charlotte?
You'd have to spend at least $250-$350 per hour for an estate planning lawyer. Avoid this by using TrulyWill and creating your DIY Estate plan.
How to choose an Estate Planning Attorney in charlotte?
You can find a good lawyer by comparing the different estate planning attorneys near you. Book a consultation and talk about your needs, goals, and preferences with the estate plan. You could also choose TrulyWill to create your DIY estate plan with the assistance of an attorney.