TrulyWill Webinar

A to Z of Wills and Trusts

Saturday, 15th April 2023, 7:00 PM
60 mins
Key Takeaways from this webinar
Learn everything important about Estate Planning
Get introduced to sample wills and documents that would allow you to understand the procedure better.
Clear doubts, questions, and queries about making wills with our experts

Meet the Speaker

Jennifer Mcgree
Jennifer Mcgee
Co-founder & Head of Legal, TrulyWill
Parent to five young children. Expert in Estate Planning, Probate, and Family Law Matters. Volunteer with Victim’s Advocates in the local sheriff's department

Event Information

Estate planning can seem like an overwhelming task that most people want to avoid. Most of them are under the misconception that they need to spend thousands of dollars and long hours at lawyers' offices. These things discourage them from creating their last will and testament, which can be detrimental to their family's financial security. If you're someone that thinks the same way, it's essential to join our free estate planning webinar to help clear your doubts.

Why are we doing this webinar?

We aim to make people and families realize the importance of estate planning. This webinar will allow you to get started with your Will and Trust and ensure that you and your family have a financially secure future.
To help people learn the basics of making a last will and testament, differentiate and choose between a will and trust in a simple, jargon-free language.
Bust the myths about creating a will and how it doesn't have to be a long and expensive process.
Introduce and explain TrulyWill to people and how they can create an online will easily.

​Who are we doing this for?

Simply put, we're doing this webinar for everyone who wants to leave a happy legacy and a financially secure future for their family. You could be a:

A married person with minor or adult kids
A divorced person with complicated financial relations with your ex-spouse
A single person who wants to familiarize themselves with estate planning
An unmarried couple with shares assets and children

​Anyone can attend this webinar to learn how to create their will and manage their estate. Sign up for our webinar now.

​Why should you attend this webinar?

​This webinar is free would be a one-stop to get you started with everything related to Wills and Trusts.

Among our attendees of previous webinars:

96% mentioned the webinars met or exceeded their expectations.
81% found the information to be valuable and helpful.
94% would recommend our webinars to a friend to get them started on estate planning.

​Anyone can attend this webinar to learn how to create their will and manage their estate. Sign up for our webinar now.

Have queries related to the webinar or Estate Planning in general?Reach out to us and we will clarify all your doubts

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Saturday, 15th April 2023, 7:00 PM

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