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Provide your loved ones with the necessary medical information

Grant access to medical information to your loved ones. Create your HIPAA Authorization with TrulyWill easily and conveniently. Our attorney-backed platform makes it accessible and affordable for you!
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HIPAA Authorization
Create your HIPAA Authorization to allow your loved ones access to your crucial medical records when needed
HIPAA Authorization
Will Bundle
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A plan for who will look after your children and what should happen to your assets if something happens.
Last Will & Testament
Power of Attorney
HIPAA Authorization
Living Will
Important Directives:Advance Health Care Directive, Funeral Directive, and Pet Directive.
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Avoid probate with a complete plan for the protection and transfer of your most important assets.
Revocable Living Trust
Trust Funding Instructions
Certification of Trust
Last Will & Testament
Power of Attorney
HIPAA Authorization
Living Will
Important Directives:Advance Health Care Directive, Funeral Directive, and Pet Directive.
Why do you need to create a HIPAA Authorization?
Share your medical information with your loved ones when they'd need it.
Provide for better medical decisions by allowing access to your history.
Allow medical professionals to discuss treatment with your family.
Allow medical history access to designated individuals and third parties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HIPAA Authorization?
A HIPAA Authorization is a legal document in which you consent to the release of your protected medical records to designated individuals. It can be your family members or other trusted individuals you mention in the document.
What does the HIPAA Authorization include?
The HIPAA Authorization document includes a statement of purpose (describing which information you want to disclose), a statement of the right of revocation, the name of the authorized people, the expiry date, your signature, and the date.
Does a HIPAA Authorization need to be notarized?
No, you don't have to notarize your HIPAA Authorization document. Also, you don't require witnesses while signing the authorization for it to be legal.
Can I revoke my HIPAA Authorization?
You can revoke the HIPAA Authorization at any time you want to. You can do this when you may want to change the individuals mentioned or the stated purpose. Also, if you've mentioned an expiry date, it would automatically be revoked on that date.
What happens if I don't create a HIPAA Authorization?
Your family members won't get the necessary medical records they need if you don't have HIPAA Authorization. It would make it difficult for them to make medical decisions as the healthcare providers also cannot share your information without your consent.
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