Is an Online Will Legally Valid?

Is an Online Will Legally Valid?


Jennifer Mcgee


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March 17, 2023

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A question that we get asked often is whether getting a Last Will and Testament done online is even legal. The short answer – Yes, absolutely! It is as valid as a Will that you can make by going to a lawyer. The only difference is that an online Last Will process is far simpler and less expensive. 

‍The last thing you'd want for your family is to go through the painful probate process without having the right documents in place. Traditionally, getting a Last Will and Testament meant speaking with multiple lawyers, finding someone you can trust, creating the Will, and then going back to the person for changes. 

‍The traditional process is broken.

The problem here is that most of us do not have a lawyer on speed dial. You might have to take multiple leaves from work to go through this entire process. Learn more about how to make estate planning less complicated. 

What if you need to make changes after a couple of years, but they have decided to stop practicing? All that time, energy, and money go for nothing. You would be back to square one, searching for a new attorney.

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“Fast, efficient and easy way to get a will or trust completed without a high cost.”

Why an online Will makes more sense?

Just within a few minutes, from the comfort of your home, you can have a customized online Last Will and Testament based on your specific needs without making a hole in your wallet or taking days off work to go to the lawyer's office. Here are the top benefits you'd get through an online will:

  • Easier and flexible: There's nothing‍ more flexible than creating your last Will and Testament online. You could do it while lying down without having to consult any lawyer. No need to look for attorneys, talk to them or spend hours familiarizing yourself with the process.
  • Cost-effective: Online wills are an affordable option for everyone who doesn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a lawyer. You can complete it at a fraction of that and save money.
  • Easy updates: Making updates to an online will is much easier than going through a lawyer repeatedly. You can simply go to the same platform and make the necessary changes. 
  • Legally Valid: An online Last Will and Testament are legally valid and enforceable in court. Your wishes would be followed, allowing you to decide what happens to the estate. 

There have been instances where people tried to make an online Last Will by themselves, leaving a document on their computer called "my Will." Please do not try this. These Wills tend not to get executed correctly, and the court has to make the final decision about the legal validity of this document.

Most people understand the importance of having a Will, but they delay the process because it seems overwhelming. It's not a good idea to put this on the back burner and go about business as usual. Nobody knows when calamity may strike, and usually, it's too late by then. 

Did all of that sound scary? It doesn't have to be. Having a proper Estate Plan ahead of time ensures that you're not carrying this worry at the back of your head. It allows estate planning to be less complicated and easy for any person. 

Estate planning should be an affordable, hassle-free experience and accessible to all. That's exactly why we leverage technology to help you secure yourself and your family from the uncertainty that the future holds. 

‍How to make an online will?

You can get your online Last Will and Testament done through an online platform easily, and here's how:

  • Answer a set of questions that progressively become more specific based on your situation
  • Once you're happy with your answers, submit them for review
  • TrulyWill's Estate Planning Experts will review your submission, and the documents will be ready in 48-72 hrs
  • You can Notarize and download your Will. And that's it!
  • Come back and make changes to it any time with ease at any time, from anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lawyer to make my last will and testament?

There's generally no need to get a lawyer to make your will. You could use an online platform and easily make it within minutes. Only some special cases, like complex family relations, may require you to consult an attorney.

What would happen if someone passes away without a will?

The state's intestacy laws will be followed if someone dies without a will. The interested parties, like the spouse or children, would have to go through a probate process to get their share in the estate.

What would it cost me to make a will?

Depending on your location and estate, the cost varies between $500 to $1000 if you hire a lawyer. However, you can use the TrulyWill platform to create a legal and valid will at a fraction of this price.

Why should I make an online will?

An online will would be more affordable, quicker, and easier to manage. You may not get these benefits while following the traditional method.

Do I need to have a certain amount of money to make a will?

No, there's no minimum limit of money you need to have to make your last will. It would dispose of any assets you leave to the beneficiaries and follow your wishes.
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