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Make your Last Will And Testament with Jennifer

You know it's important but you keep delaying it. Making your will is not about your age or assets, its about the responsibilities you have.

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Make Your Last Will And Testament With Jennifer
Jennifer Mcgree
Jennifer McGee
Co-Founder & Head of Legal at TrulyWill
Estate Planning Attorney, JD Law

Mother of 5 beautiful children with over 20 years  of experience in Estate Planning, Probate, and Family Law Matters.

*She has seen it all.*

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Trusted By 100s of Families

We made wills for people working with
We made wills for people working with gartnerWe made wills for people working with WalmartWe made wills for people working with FedExWe made wills for people working with Bank of AmericaWe made wills for people working with nike
Trusted By Families, Just Like Yours
Why you should make your will?
For the financial and emotional well-being of your family. 👪
Secure your family and pass on your legacy. 🔒
To make sure who will take care of your child after you are gone.👶
Decide who will make medical and financial decisions if you're seriously injured?
Who will take care of your pets and how will others know their routine?🐶
How will someone be able to access my Mail for any important documents?
Who will know where my digital assets are and how to access them?

Most Importantly, so you can live without worry and spend time making memories with your loved ones.

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“Should've done this before, had made it up to be really hard in my head. This was super easy!”

Bryan Tewksbury, 40

Husband & Father to a preschooler

“Wasn't sure of the process, but the app & support helped me take care of everything.”

Stephanie Quaranta, 37

Mother of two

“Tried different ways to get my will done, but TrulyWill is the only place I completed it. ”

Kelsey Storrer, 42

Mother to a toddler

“Had been putting this off, glad to have found a guided, cost-effective solution.”

Chasen Partsch, 35

Father to a newborn

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It’s very uncomfortable to talk about death and life after death. what do I do?
What are the dumbest ways to die?
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