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Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I die without a Will?
If you die without a Will, you give up control to the state where you lived. Its laws will determine who your heirs will be and the state will choose the executor of your estate.
Do I need a will?
Court runs a legal process called probate according to the intestacy laws which are different in every state This may lead undesirable distribution of your assets, undesirable guardians for your children and hassle for your family members to decide what to do in your absence.
Is a will from TrulyWill legally valid?
Our documents are prepared by a team of experience attorneys which ensures that the documents are legally valid in all states we serve.
Is an online will for everyone?
While the majority of Americans can create a Estate Plan using TrulyWill, there are situations where your estate would be too complex for our software. An example of this could be if you own estate in multiple countries.